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There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me, Brooke Shields

There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me, Brooke Shields

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Neither Brooke Shields nor the life she's led has ever been considered ordinary.  Her parents divorced when she was five months old and she was primarily raised by her Newark-tough, larger-than-life mother.  Brooke began modelling at the ripe old age of eleven months.  This launched a career that made Brooke the most famous and recognizable child, and then teen, of her generation. 

All this success came with her mother at the helm.  Teri acted as mother and manager and would allow no other outside personal or professional assistance.  In their public life, Teri fiercely protected Brooke from the pitfalls and temptations that derail so many child stars.  But in private, Teri was troubled, sometimes verbally and emotionally abusive, volatile, and drinking so excessively that at thirteen years old Brooke spearheaded and staged an intervention. 

The bond between Brooke and her mother was impenetrable, shaped by both laughter and tears.  Yet their inseparable relationship became strained as Brooke sought her independence as daughter and actress.  When Brooke grew into adulthood, the pair made choices and sacrifices that would affect their relationship forever.  Later, when her own daughters were born, Brooke found that her experience as a mother was shaped in every way by the woman who raised her.  Yet despite all the fears and challenges in the past, when Teri died in 2012, Brooke was by her side, living and conflicted to the end.