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Bonkers: My Life in Laughs, Jennifer Saunders

Bonkers: My Life in Laughs, Jennifer Saunders

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Dear reader . . .

I have been told that publishers these days like a particular type of memoir. They like a little bit of misery. They like a 'mis mem'. Well, I'm afraid I have had very little 'mis' in my life, and nowadays I have even less 'mem'. So we can knock that one on the head. In fact my brain is a bit soupy overall re the past.

Was I really called 'Podge' as a child? Answer: yes. 

Was I really surly, apathetic and introverted at school? Apparently not.

My mother has kept all my school reports.  I imagined these would be a rich source of hilarity and irony, but they turn out to be deceidely average.  she has also stashed a good selection of my diaries: the Pony Club diary, the Honey diary, a diary with a small elf on the cover that was a present from my friend Karen.

All these diaries are written in remarkable detail for the first couple of weeks of January.  Then nothing. So a lot of the incidents that I will write about in this book may all have occurred in January. I have scant info re summers and autumns .